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About Kinship

  • Autor:Eylan
  • Lassen Sie auf:2018-05-08

I was born in an ordinary family, but I never feel lacking anything in my life. I receive love from my family. When I meet troubles, they support me without hesitation. The strong connection of kinship provides me the great power to move on.

Chinese people pay special attention to the family reunion. No matter how far away they are, the family members will come home and have big dinner on traditional festivals. The meal means so much for everyone. People enjoy the moment to have communication with each other and strengthen the relationship.

With the family’s support, we will be a strong person, no matter how hard the life is. When we meet difficulties, it is natural for us to think about our families, as they give us the motivation to get over the hard time. If we are tired, just go home and talk to our parents, then all the annoyances will be forgotten and they mean nothing to you compared to the kinship.

The close kinship is the infinite power to lead us a positive life. I cherish all the love they give me.

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