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China Customized 100% PU kitchen mat office standing mat  polyurethane anti-fatigue matChina Customized 100% PU kitchen mat office standing mat  polyurethane anti-fatigue matChina Customized 100% PU kitchen mat office standing mat  polyurethane anti-fatigue matChina Customized 100% PU kitchen mat office standing mat  polyurethane anti-fatigue mat

China Customized 100% PU kitchen mat office standing mat polyurethane anti-fatigue mat

  • Customized 100% PU kitchen office polyurethane anti-fatigue mat
  • Size(LWH):20*30*0.75inch / 24*36*0.75inch
  • Farbe: Schwarz,
  • Material: polyurathane
  • Density:180-200kg/m3
  • Moq:300pcs
  • Technisch: Handgefertigte und Maschinen, Spritzguss
  • Zahlungs-Laufzeit: T / T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Paket: 1 Stück in einem Polybeutel, mehrere in einem Karton nach Kundenwunsch
  • Anwendungen: Küche, Büro
  • Zertifikate: RoHS, REACH, ISO9001, EN71-3, 6P, CA65


DFM/A Report

Free 3D Design

Frei Mould Opening

Free Product Inspection Standard Setting

Finehope will show details and solutions of manufacturability and assemblability through PPT to help customers reduce trouble.

Finehope help customer design the desired product or modify the design for free.

Großauftrag quantity with mould cost free.

In addition to the usual quantification of product physical properties and appearance standards, we will add REACH, RoHS, FDA, CA-65, or CFC Free to the standards according to customer needs.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Finehope has obtained ISO 9001 certificate continuously since 2003.

IATF16949 Certification

Finehope passed the IATF16949 Automotive Quality Management Systems Certification in 2021. More than 50 documents guarantee the progress of new product development, the quality, delivery time and cost of trial and mass production products.

Since the cooperation between Finehope and Caterpillar in 2007, Finehope has used the automotive quality management system for the new product introduction, using the five tools of SPC, MSA, FMEA, APQP and PPAP, which have won praise from Caterpillar executives and established a long-term partnership so far.

Unser Vorteile


Automation equipment design and manufacturing capabilities

China Customized 100% PU kitchen mat supplier  Finehope 's ability to design and manufacture automation equipment is rare in the industry. Von participating in the design of new PU injection mixing equipment and the automation transformation of the production line, to ensure that under the competition of China's demographic dividend is reduced and labor costs continue to rise, the production efficiency also can be improved, labor and material costs can be reduced. In addition, the continuous design and manufacturing capabilities of key equipment such as fixtures, special equipment, and automatic molds are also the reasons why Finehope is in a leading position in alle Aspekte.

Finehope 's ability to continuously reduce costs and innovate products can help customers bring Größerer Wert. Therefore, it is a reliable long-term partner of many Fortune 500 companies and leading companies in the industry.


PU raw material research and development capabilities

Since 2002, Finehope has been committed to the design and manufacture of PU moulded foam products. Independent research and development of formula materials and stable production capacity are the basis for quality assurance.China office standing mat manufacturer

Finehope can adjust the product formula at any time according to the customized needs of customers' personalized products, such as the requirements for hardness, elasticity, support, feel, density, color and other physical and chemical properties, and can make formulation requirements in compliance with the laws and regulations of various countries. Of course, a good formula must also consider the best Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. For new projects, the ability to develop PU formulations is a key condition for ensuring product development quality, delivery time and cost.


Wissenschaftliches Management Fähigkeit

Finehope emphasizes the importance of the Toyota Production System and Corporate Coaching Model to optimize management efficiency. Continuous improvement the efficiency and quality of all employees, management and production personnel have been effectively and continuously improved, management and production costs have been continuously reduced, but more important than efficiency and cost is the cultivation of employee growth through continuous improvement, Because this is the core of corporate sustainable development.China polyurethane anti-fatigue mat factory

Finehope 's refinement reduces the trouble for customers, because it reduces the negligence on the human process system and the ability to continuously accumulate professional experience, which can ensure that all new projects are completed in the shortest time.

Finehope 's refinement reduces the trouble for customers, because it reduces the negligence on the human process system and the ability to continuously accumulate professional experience, which can ensure that all new projects are completed in the shortest time.

Newbie anti-racist: Learning out loud – With Many Roots


Enterprise digital Fähigkeiten

Finehope has invested heavily in the research and development of software systems to digitize business process management and industrial manufacturing. Digital transformation allows Finehope to use new technologies to enable customers to have a more positive experience, while reducing the workload of the company's employees and ultimately reducing costs.


1. Why you choose Finehope ?
Finehope is the most professional PU manufacturer in China, which has a professional R&D team, advanced PU production equipment, professional testing equipment and perfect quality management system. We have 12-year cooperation experience with CAT, FIAT, TVH, GGP and other famous enterprises. We provide them with one-step service from R&D to production to satisfy their customization needs.

2. What are the advantages of choosing Finehope ?
1) Product quality assurance, delivery guarantee, good after-sales service.
2) Cost-effective, fast development efficiency, professional operation with integrity.
3) Finehope will conduct all testing analysis and then work out testing standards to reduce quality standard dispute between customers and manufacturers.
4) Lean production management mode.
5) Help customers to develop and design new products.
6) Has rich experience in the design and processing of PU products.
7) Finehope is a high-tech enterprise in China with domestic and have international invention patents technology and intellectual property.

3. What are the difference between Finehope and domestic peers?
1) Quality assurance: advanced quality planning (APQP).
2) Finehope has rich experience in serving international large enterprises.
3) Has professional scientific research team of polyurethane material.
4) Has independent design, manufacturing and innovation ability of production equipment and molds.
5) Has engineer team who is responsible for the quality assurance system and quality control.

4. What are the differences between Finehope and European and U.S peers?

1) Has perfect and mature supporting supply chain.
2) Lower mold costs.
3) High efficiency of development and design ability and short process time.
4) Cost advantage and good service attitude.

5. What are the applications of PU products?
Car, engineering machinery, sports fitness equipment, medical machinery and daily household items and so on.

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Unser Zertifizierung

Alibaba Verified Supplier Zertifikat

Seit 2007, Finehope has continuously passed TUV certification and has become an Alibaba Überprüfter Lieferant.

Verified Supplier is a high-quality supplier verified by the authoritative strength of Alibaba platform. Through online and offline on-site audits, the merchants’ corporate qualifications, product qualifications, corporate capabilities, and other comprehensive strengths are reviewed and verification.

Integration von Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate

The certificate is assessed by the Xiamen Municipal Government and issued by the Shanghai Academy of Quality Management Science. This certificate reflects the level of Finehope 's in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization. Finehope will continue to take a new path of industrialization; use information technology as the support to transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy, cultivate new kinetic energy, and pursue a sustainable development model.

Xiamen Growth-oriented Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Finehope has been rated as “Xiamen Growth-oriented Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises” since 2019. It is the scoring result of the Xiamen Municipal Government based on Finehope ’s various comprehensive indicators, growth models, brand strength in the industry, and good corporate reputation, then issue this certificate. Es ist ein proof that Finehope stands out among thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city.

Arbeitssicherheit Standardization Certificate

Manufacturing safety is important to prevent or lessen the risk of workplace injury, illness, and Tod.

Finehope General Manager Tiger Side: "Only those manufacturing facilities which continue to emphasize safety as a top-level issue will remain highly productive and competitive in today's marketplace."

Finehope must be proactive about employee safety. Without a focus on safety, can place their employees at risk, cause fire and face expensive property damagend and affect delivery.

Xiamen Science And Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise

Since 2019, Finehope has been selected as the leading company of Xiamen Science and Technology Little Riese. This certificate was jointly issued by five departments of the Xiamen Municipal Regierung. The selection criteria focus on strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, biology and new medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, and marine high-tech. Winning this honor shows that Finehope is at the forefront of the industry in new information technology and new materials.

Fujian Province Pollution Discharge Permit

Pollution discharge permits are the "identity cards" of all entities involved in the discharge of pollutants and are issued by the Xiamen Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the ecological environment should be protected like the eyes, and the ecological environment should be treated like life." Premier Li Keqiang said: “Environmental pollution is a hazard to the people’s livelihood and the pain of the people’s hearts. It must be dealt with an iron fist.” The Chinese government’s determination to improve the environmental quality of the atmosphere, water bodies, and soil cannot be ignored. Pollution permits are an important factor that must be considered in international procurement. Otherwise, the factory has hidden dangers and will be ordered to stop production, which will affect the delivery date.

Man kann sehen, dass Finehope is a manufacturer with long-term cooperation and stable delivery.

Xiamen Specialized, Refining, Differentiate, Innovative SMEs

Finehope has been rated as "Xiamen Specialized, Refining, Differentiate, Innovative SMEs" since 2020. “Specialized, Refining, Differentiate, Innovative" refers to SMEs with outstanding main business, strong professional capabilities, strong R&D and innovation capabilities, and development potential. Mainly concentrated in the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine and other mid-to-high-end industries.

Leading in the same industry in terms of market, quality, efficiency or development, with advanced and exemplary.

Through this certificate, the government emphasizes and recognizes finehope 's "specialization, special innovation" is to encourage innovation and achieve specialization, reform, and specialization.

Finehope should continue to take "specialization, special innovation" as the direction, focus on their main business, practice hard work, strengthening innovation, and build the company into a "single champion" or "supporting expert" with unique skills.

FDA certification

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established in 1906 is a government agency under the passage of the Federal Food and Drugs Act. The FDA Certification is mandatory for placing the products in the USA.

This major responsibility of FDA is protecting and managing public health and related authorities by assuring the safety and security of human and biologically generated product. The FDA regulates products including biological products, medical services, cosmetics, prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs, veterinary drugs, tobacco and other radiation emitting products.

Finehope has passed FDA-Zertifizierung jedes Jahr seit 2018. Die FDA-Genehmigung bedeutet, dass die Produkte Produziert von Finehope haben ausländische Regierungszertifikate (CFG) und Kann den globalen Markt reibungslos betreten.

Qualität Sicherheit

Fortgeschrittener Produktqualitätsplanungsprozess (APQP)

Der APQP-Prozess bietet Konsistenz in der Automobilindustrie und ermöglicht alle Tierlieferanten Sprechen Sie während des Entwicklungsprozesses dieselbe Sprache. Ohne allgemeines Sprache Finehope-Designs wären nicht so effizient und wir würden geschockt mit zahlreichen Treffen, die versuchen, unsere Arbeit zu erklären und was erforderlich ist. Der APQP. Prozess gibt Finehope die gemeinsamen Instrumente und Verfahren, die wir zur Vollständigkeit entwickeln müssen und starten Sie ein Produkt mit der Automobilindustrie und treffen Sie alle Regierung Bedarf.

Viele Kunden wählen Finehope ist ihr Partner, weil Finehope dem APQP-Prozess folgt, Ermöglicht, dass sie während des gesamten Prozesses am Projekt teilnehmen können, immer den Fortschritt des Projekts und die Qualitätssicherung von jedem sehen Verknüpfung.

Fehler-Modus und Effekte Analyse (FMEA).

Die FMEA wird von beiden verwendet Design- und Produktionsingenieure (DFMMEA und Pfmea), um potenzielle Probleme zu betrachten Mit einem Design oder einem Prozess bestimmen Sie die Schwere des Problems, die Frequenz kann auftreten und ob das Problem erkannt werden kann oder nicht Jeder. Wenn die FMEA-Analyse abgeschlossen ist, sind dann die hohen Bewertungsfragen Überprüft und entweder korrigiert oder Schritte werden gemacht, um diese Risiken zu mindern.

Finehope-Projektmanager. Wan sagte: "FMEA hilft dem Projekt, viele Fehler zu vermeiden und den Kunden zu helfen Speichern Sie den neuen Projektentwicklungszyklus ".

Krauss Maffei.

Finehope hat. sukzessive führte viele der fortschrittlichsten deutschen KraussMaffei der Welt ein Hochdruckspritzmaschinen seit 2010.

Selbst erfunden Vollautomatische Produktionslinie

Finehope hat. unabhängig entwickelte eine Reihe vollautomatischer PU-Injektionsproduktion Linien seit 2010. Diese Produktionslinien reduzieren die Produktionskosten und treffen sich Anforderungen an den Kunden.



Seit 2016 hat Finehope kaufte weiterhin Schweißroboter und automatische Fixture Turntables für Schweißen von Metallteilen. Die unabhängige Verarbeitung von Zubehör spart das Wartezeit- und Beschaffungskosten der Outsourcing-Verarbeitung.


Finehope ist weiterhin weiter Kaufen Sie CNC-Geräte seit 2016. CNC (Computer numerisch gesteuert) Die Bearbeitung ist ein Herstellungsprozess, in dem die vorprogrammierte Computersoftware vorprogrammiert ist Diktiert die Bewegung von Fabrikwerkzeugen und Maschinen. Mit dieser Art von Maschine versus manuelle Bearbeitung kann zu einer verbesserten Genauigkeit führen, erhöht Produktionsgeschwindigkeiten, verbesserte Sicherheit, erhöhte Effizienz und vor allem, Helfen Sie Kunden, Kosten zu sparen und die Produktqualität zu verbessern.

Formtrennmittel Lackierroboter

Seit 2019 hat Finehope gekaufte Roboter zum Sprühen von Trennmittel auf Wasserbasis, um das Arbeiten zu verbessern Umwelt, verbessern Sie die Spritzqualität und die Materialauslastung und reduzieren Sie Arbeitskosten.

3D Drucker

Finehope begann zu Kaufen Sie 3D-Drucker im Jahr 2015. Der 3D-Druck kann den schnellen Nachweis von Neuen realisieren Produktprototypen und -vorlagen für Harzformen und können auch verwendet werden Schnellere und günstigere kleine Chargenproduktion.


Zusätzlich zum oben genannten, Wir haben auch leistungsfähigere 19-jährige Supply Chain Management-Funktionen mit Unterstützende Verarbeitungsgeräte und -funktionen, die nicht oben aufgeführt sind. Wir have strict regulations and requirements for their qualification review, quality control plan and incoming quality batch management.

We can do carbon fiber, glass fiber, wood products, hardware, etc. In large quantities, we have suppliers with stable quality and output to cooperate.

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EIN Value-based Company


Finehope (Xiamen) Neue Materialtechnologie Co., Ltd


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