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Different Views on Talent Shows

  • Autor:Eylan
  • Suelte el:2018-01-11
Many years ago, when I was in middle school, a show called Supergirl was so hot that almost everyone was talking about it. Many girls became famous since the show. With the great success of this talent show, a lot of similar shows came into being. The public holds different opinions about these shows.

On the one hand, some people believe that talent shows provide a great stage for the ordinary people to realize their dreams. Look at those successful people. They have talent and deserve to be known by the public. What’s more, they can inspire more people to chase their dreams.

On the other hand, some people see the negative influence. Some teenagers skip class to take part in these shows, even ask their parents to spend money to help them buy fans. As getting famous so suddenly, a person is easy to lose himself.

When facing fame and money, one is easy to lose control. The talent shows bring some people chances to get famous. No matter how far they go, it depends on their talent and characters.

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