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People are often suffering because they can not let go

Faye 2017-02-17 15:35:14

The old monk said: fit is not enough because of pain, pain naturally put down. That the pain must be enough pain Caixing, shallow pain or reluctant to put down.

The desire to induce, often let us lose pain. Success, high above the sense of superiority will make people dare to bear the pain, like people in the passion of pain also feel happy. So that people who have never had to put down, what ridiculous; let the people who have put down, how painful? Most people addicted to life, earning tools, becoming addicted. But only have had the most understand the feeling down, know what is their own pursuit, dare to talk down.

The sum of life we joke, what you expect, what will be farther away from you; who you are persistent, who will be hurt the most deep. So if you want anything, to chase, want to get anything to work hard, want to love who boldly love. Do not have to look too hard, do not have to be too persistent, the results do not care, but do not give life to regret. What are lost, the last one has passed; nothing can not hold, the past do not turn back, see the results, if the hearts of confused, and then think about how to put down.

Life will not always be so bad, actually everything depends on yourself. I said so much is not encouraged to put down, nor for the heart healing, to tell you a real life, face the wrong to be the first mentality. They do not work hard on the success of others envy jealousy hate, but also with a bunch of fake chicken soup healing, more treatment of the more decadent, the dry business must be on, into a good or bad, and then want to put down things.

Pick some online teach people to "put down" the top ten methods, perhaps you need it
1, face: sometimes we bow, is to see their own way to go;
Many people think that they have been flies, do not want to try fresh things, a lot of things are fit, pull the face, and finally died on the face.

2, put down the pressure: tired and not tired, depending on their own mentality;
The mind of the room, do not clean will be covered with dust. Sweeping the dust, can make the sadness of the heart becomes bright; things clear, in order to bid farewell to trouble; to throw away some unnecessary pain, happiness will have more and more space.

3, put down the past: put down the past you can live happier!
Try to change your mind and adjust your mood. Learn to calmly accept the reality, learn to say goodbye to their own, learn to face the bad luck, learn to actively look at life, learn everything to the benefits of thinking.

4, put down the inferiority: the inferiority from your dictionary to delete.
Not everyone can be a great man, but everyone can be a powerful man. Believe in yourself, find your own position, you can also have a valuable life.

5, put down the lazy, struggling to change the fate: trick is to put an ordinary little things to be consummate, is unique skills.
Remind yourself, remember your reminder, motivated you, happy you, healthy you, kind of you, there will be a brilliant life.

6, put down the negative: desperate to the left, hope to the right!
If you want to be a successful person, then please "chew for the best of yourself", so that the positive defeat of the negative, so noble to defeat the dirty, so sincere to defeat the hypocrisy, so that tolerance to defeat the narrow, so happy to defeat the melancholy, so hard to beat Lazy, so strong to beat the fragile, so great defeat wretched ... ... as long as you are willing, you can do the best of their own life. No one can be around the outcome, except you Your own war, you are the strategist of the general!

7, put down the complaint: with their complaints as hard, all the failures are prepared for success.
Complain and discourage, can only hinder the success of the pace to their own. Put down the complaint, calmly accept the failure, is undoubtedly the gesture of the wise man. Complain can not change the status quo, hard to bring hope. Really gold, as long as they do not bury their own, as long as the thought of flash, there is always flash that day. Do not always worry about life. Do not always think that life live up to you what, in fact, you and others have as much.

8, put down hesitation: immediate action unlimited success!
Look for the things, do not indecisive; choose a direction, just on the road, do not look back. Immediate action is a common trait of all successful people. If you have any good ideas, then act now; if you meet a good opportunity, then immediately grab it. Immediate action, unlimited success!

9, put down the narrow: heart wide, heaven and earth on the wide.
Tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance of others, in fact, is to give their own mind to make way. Only in the tolerant world, people can play a harmonious song of life! Tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance of others, in fact, is to give their own mind to make way. Only in the tolerant world, people can play a harmonious song of life.

10, put down the doubt: doubt, hard work
No doubt, suspects do not use. Do not doubt yourself, think of others' thoughts, do not doubt others, otherwise it will only affect the friendship between each other. Do not want to try fresh things, a lot of things are fit, pull the face, and finally died on the face.

There are two kinds of really happy people, one is not know what fool of fool; one is insight into the world of life and detached wise man. Most of us, between the two, refused to become the former, and unable to become the latter, so it is difficult to have real happiness. We can do, can only reduce the base of happiness, coaxing their own happy. Coaxing, happy to become a habit.

Remember every section of the road, as long as there is not reconciled, it has not come to an end. We gently breathe, shallow smile, to the heart to create a dream, and then try to chase Life, flat light is not sad not surprised not disturb, so like.

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