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The Opportunity and Challenge of Belt and Road

  • Autor:Eylan
  • Solte em:2017-10-30

The policy of Belt and Road has been the hot topic in the year of 2017, and many foreign countries have joined this plan. For the foreign students, they become more interested in Chinese and learn the culture, at the same time, Chinese students have faced the opportunity and challenge.

This great policy provides the chance to do business between countries, so it is important to master the international language—English. Though many Chinese students have learned it for a long time, they can’t use it fluently because of the lack of chance to communicate with local people.

At the same time, culture is the inevitable part during making connection with another countries, so it is important to learn the culture. For the students who want to work on the International company, they need to improve their language ability and the ability to make connection with foreigners.

The policy of Belt and Road have won praise from people all around the world. They are expecting to seek for cooperation. In the future, more business chances will come. If you are ready for it, you will be ahead of others.

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