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wheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchairwheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchairwheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchairwheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchair

wheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchair

  • wheelchair caster wheel;wheelchair front wheel;baby carriage wheels;castor wheel for wheelchair
  • Type: sports fitness equipment - equipment accessories wheels
  • Material: PU polyurethane elastomer
  • Density: 1100kg/m3
  • Shape: according to customer's product design
  • Color: black, color can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Packing: standard carton
  • Payment terms: 30% deposit, payment to delivery.
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Location: Fujian, Xiamen, China
  • Compliance certification: RoSH, REACH, EN71-3, 6P
  • Other: China's OEM generation processing factory, specializing in the production of PU products, including product accessories (iron, wood, plastic parts, etc.). 

First, the product description

1. Features

Pu foam wheel,solid polyurethane tire,trolley tire ,Trolley wheel castor

Elastomer material product features: 
PU elastomer polyurethane elastomer, rubber and general uses the same plastication, mixing, vulcanization molding (MPU); can also be made of liquid rubber, pouring molding or spraying, potting, centrifugal casting (CPU); can also made of granular materials, and ordinary plastic, injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding process (TPU). 
  1. PU elastomer can be adjusted in a large range, the processing mode is varied, and the applicability is wide. 
  2. PU elastomer has the advantages of oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature and wear resistance. 
  3. PU elastic body is good, strong adhesion, biocompatibility and blood compatibility.

2, the product uses
Application domain of elastomer products:
  1. The common elastomer products: pressure roller fender, fitness car accessories plug or plug, treadmill roller and assembly line equipment oil scraping knife, scraping pig hob, mink coat roller
  2. Other elastic body application fields: such as rice milling rice huller rollers, coal preparation with the vibration sieve plate, movement of the track, crane forklift with dynamic oil seals, elevator pulley and roller skate wheels, and so on are also useless polyurethane elastomer.

Second, with regard us

1. Introduction

  • We are a leading manufacture of molded polyurethane products manufacturer, was established in 2002. Our products are mainly exported to European and US markets.
  • We have a professional production of polyurethane products top-quality requirements for the goal. The main reason customers choose our fancy our broad R & D capabilities and with international brand companies and ensure long-term experience with shipping quality.
  • Division I after the Swiss SGS ISO9001-2008 certification, in accordance with TS16949 system for quality control. Lean is we have been pursuing the goal to reduce waste, create additional value, sustained commitment to help our customers control costs and create additional value.

2, our brand customers

Located in various regions and industries the Americas, Europe, Asia ...... welcome your visit, thank you!

   3, our advantage

A. Quality management through the company ISO9001, ISO / TS 16949 quality management system continued to promote, maintain and regularly reviewed to ensure their full, appropriate and effective operation;

ISO / TS 16949 five core tools: effective use of APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC, PPAP, so that our quality control and overall management level have been greatly improved, and ultimately to meet customer requirements.

B. materials research and development of polyurethane material has a professional R & D team has been put into products, including MDI, TDI, HDI, and PPDI and other polyether, polyester systems formula, covering all polyurethane systems formulations.

C. improved equipment for production equipment has the ability to self-improvement and self-designed research Jidoka mold fixture, lean from Dong line.

D. Toyota's lean production using TPS lean management model to improve production efficiency, reduce waste and reduce costs.

4, our production

  • Has PU industry's most advanced production equipment, including KraussMaffei machines and other production materials of different PU products of high / low pressure perfusion machines;
  • automated assembly line operations, including perfusion lines, painting lines, polishing lines, since shaken mold lines.
  • have independent mold design, production, the ability to innovate, and a wealth of experience in the design and processing of metal, plastic and other parts of the PU;


5, our testing equipment

  •  Finehope PU material has a range of testing equipment, and dedicated quality assurance system and quality control engineers.
  • Finehope will carry out the testing product analysis, mechanical analysis products and materials, and ultimately develop a test product. Thereby reducing the quality standards disputes between customers and manufacturers.

6, we certificates

  • Finehope as Huaqiao University, Xiamen University and the polyurethane product research and postgraduate training base station.
  • Finehope domestic high-tech enterprises, with a number of domestic and foreign patents polyurethane intellectual invention.
  • Finehope passed ISO9001 certification, Alibaba, Alibaba is also a boutique company Prudential enterprises.


Third, FAQ

1) Why did you choose Finehope

Finehope is China's most professional manufacturer of PU, has a professional R & D team, advanced PU production equipment, professional testing equipment and perfect quality management system. Division I and CAT, FIAT, TVH, GGP and other famous enterprises have 12 years of experience of cooperation. Division I provide them with one-stop service from the production and customization to meet their needs.

2) Select Finehope benefits

Reduce your time, reduce personal problems, reduce costs (explicit and implicit costs).

3) the product delivery cycle

Upon receipt of the deposit and the completion of 30 days to complete mold production, preparation and equipment without queuing period 10 days (depending on order quantity).

4) Product of transport

Qiyun, shipping, air transport (FedEx / UPS), depending on customer requirements.

5) How to track goods transportation

If the ocean bill of lading number will be provided to the customer, if it is air transport will provide fast waybill number.

6) How good product quality control

Quality first, to provide customers with high quality products is our mission. A professional team from beginning to end, good product quality control:

•     All the raw materials, parts prior to production must undergo a rigorous inspection;

•     All workers must undergo pre-production formal training;

•     All products must pass strict control and inspection in the production process;

•     All products must be checked before shipping again.

Fourth, contact us

For more information, please feel free to contact me. welcome your visit, thank you!


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