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10 questions to ask yourself, and then to struggle

Faye 2016-06-23 10:45:14

Is to live with dull, or positive, the decision is in their own hands. 10 questions to ask yourself every day, and then to fight!

If you want to get out routine, relax and to start each day with a positive attitude, it is necessary to ask the way to start the day, the story of love in this article collated these questions will give us the strength and good mood . .

1. What do I have?

Usually we will what they do not upset, but do not own, such as health, you can listen, you can see, you can love and be loved, we enjoy every day for food and so on. As the old word of mouth, then he said:. "Lost to know precious" Let us out of sad, so you can see what we have.

2. Why should I be proud?

You have already achieved and proud. Achievements, big or small, every success would mean a step forward. You can feel you just as a challenge to overcome pride, may help a stranger and you're happy and you can help a friend to smile, but also for new friends or read a book and feel happy. In short everything is worthy of your pride.

3, What Should I be grateful?

Every day, many things that make us be grateful, but also a lot of people deserve our thanks, because they virtually taught us something. Every day for us is a precious gift of life.

4. How can I energetic?

Every day to plan to do something positive, to make their own dynamic. For example, you can give those who have been very much like, very long-lost people called to say the work of the partners of some words of encouragement, smile, or allow time for the children to play and so on.

5, I can solve the problem today?

Try to solve those problems tomorrow originally wanted to stay until today to get rid of, as far as possible in the day to complete the work at hand, should have the courage to face those difficult issues, and a different perspective on them.

6, I can cast aside the burden of the past it?

"Burden of the past" refers to those years of accumulated grievances and sad experience. Carrying the heavy burden of life what use is it? I suggest you make a summary of the past, the experience is worth learning saved, and then remove the burden forever.

7, how do I look at the problem from another angle?

People to live in someone else's proponents, not their own. In many cases, the fundamental problem is that we look at things. Many people have experienced is something upsetting, and after that she felt ridiculous time. Sadness and joy but we look at the issue of the different point of view.

8. How can I have a good day?

And not always do the same thing. If we are out of the routine, learn to enjoy life, then life is rich and colorful. We must dare to creativity and innovation.

9. Who today I want to hug?

Embrace is our spiritual food. There was a psychologist has said, to health, to embrace at least eight times a day. Physical contact is the most basic of human needs, it can even help us to develop the brain.

10, I start now?

Do not think that these are the "sounds good" proposal, and do not think life is so difficult. In fact, everyday life is not as you might think. Is to live with dull, or positive, the decision is in their own hands. Trying to live happily, what would you lose it?

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