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Ability is more important things, that is character

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-11-12

★ inspirational world - pride should be kind to others, because you will need them when frustrated. ★

Personality, is the real highest academic qualifications, is the basis of human ability to display, is scarce and precious social quality label. Character and ability, as the left hand and right hand: a single ability, no character, people will incomplete. Character determines attitude, attitude determines behavior, behavior determines the final result. Personality is far-reaching, no one will be willing to trust, re-use a poor character of the staff. Good character has become a modern professional career benchmarking and successful life of a solid foundation.

More than the ability of 12 kinds of character:

The first loyalty - standing on the company's position on thinking, loyal to safeguard the interests of the company, in the face of the temptation to stand the test.

2nd Dedication - The purpose of work is not just to pay, to provide over-paid services, willing to make personal sacrifices for the work.

The first three spontaneous - do not wait for someone to explain, from "I want to do" to "I want to do", take the initiative to do some "special" things, do first. High requirements: one step, three steps.

The fourth responsible - the core responsibility lies in responsibility, to do every little thing. Yinuoqianjin, absolutely no excuse, let the problem of the ball stop at you, not due to a little negligence and cast a big mistake.

Fifth focus on efficiency - distracted, focused, quantify the daily work, delay is the most vicious career killer; focus on primary and secondary, to prevent perfectionism to become the enemy of efficiency.

6 Results-oriented - the first thing to think about how to make things, methods than the problem more than to create the conditions to complete the task, the first thing to do right, the task is done more than expected.

7 good at communication - face to face, on the spot to resolve, communication and gossip are two different things, do not say and say too much is a mistake, with the program to ask questions, training to accept criticism of EQ.

Team 8, the team in advance, self-back, dripping into the sea, individuals into the team, subject to the overall arrangement, to comply with discipline to ensure combat effectiveness; improper team "short board", for others to consider, so that the ability to be enlarged in the team . (Inspirational world

9 positive - always keep up with the pace of business to empty cup mentality to learn, to learn, squeeze the time charge, develop their own "comparative advantage", challenge themselves.

The first 10 low-key - only high not proud to overcome the "big things" psychological, do not put on airs playing qualifications; give people a respect, and strive to achieve the real name match, performance is only a starting point, honor can be used as motivation.

Section 11 about - do not make money the boss's money, to be honest not to play smart, do not waste every piece of paper, do not waste every minute of working time; spend every penny companies have to receive the maximum benefit: save Of the profits.

12 Thanksgiving - think about who made you today? The company gives you the job, the work gives you the opportunity of study and the growth, the colleague gives you the cooperation, the customer helps you to create the performance, the opponent lets you see the distance, the critics let you tend to be perfect.

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