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Alternative cooking Make crispy roasted chicken with a hair dryer!

  • Author:kiki
  • Release on:2018-04-04

A food writer has wowed Twitter with her unusual -- and expensive -- approach to achieving perfectly crispy skin on a roast chicken.

Helen Rosner, a food writer for the New Yorker, uploaded a photo of herself using a $400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to blow-dry a whole chicken.
"Happy snow day, I am using an astonishingly expensive hair dryer to remove all moisture from a chicken to maximize skin crispiness when I roast it," Rosner writes in the post, which has earned over 1,600 likes and 100 comments.

Rosner went on to share the recipe for her roasted chicken, but fans were most interested in the first stage of her process — the hair dryer.

Rosner is not the first to use a hair dryer to rid excess moisture on meat before cooking -- she credits cookbook author Marcella Hazan as "the progenitor of the idea" in the 1970s -- but she probably is the first to use a luxury hair tool for the process.