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"An idea" of success

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2016-03-25

Sake and wine of southern Japan, a similar comparison, are a popular universal public wine.

However, the Japanese rice wine before the Meiji is more turbid, this is the fly in the ointment. Many people want a variety of ways, but can not find another way to make wine becomes clear. At that time, there is a large solitary named Konoike good Uemon small businessman, and operated to produce rice for a living. One day, he and a servant altercation. Servant vindictive, revengeful. His ashes will be poured into a bucket in the evening made rice wine, rice wine want these become waste, call the owner to lose. He finished a little dirty, this despicable servant away.

The next morning, good Uemon to view the winery, has never been found a phenomenon, originally cloudy wine becomes clear up. Take a closer look, bottom of the barrel with a layer of ash. He keenly felt that the ash has a filtering effect of liquor. He immediately were studied. After numerous improvements, finally we found a way to make liquor into sake, and later made the best-selling Japanese sake.

Seems good Uemon in "an idea" would lead to the sake. His success is the result of inspiration seems at first glance, is the gift of the gods exceptionally.

Really, there is only one success in an idea to achieve, and this relative success is another situation in which the success of assiduous efforts to pay too much, but refused to patronize success. Success seems very eccentric, for some special favor to others is particularly harsh.

Is this really so? Over time, the muddy rice wine has been good as the wine Uemon of a mind, he must have been deeply regrettable, single-minded thinking about this wine can become pure up. So when suddenly found themselves in wine barrels as crystal clear as in a dream, his first feeling is: sprinkle dirt in the wine on the wine having precipitated function, no time to ponder who is sabotage, the stare hold live this great discovery, eventually led to this sake. Good Sake is made Uemon indeed accidental, but it happens to be of good long-term thinking Uemon final return, his inspiration at first glance, is a rich harvest warm beating heart in return.

Do not see the moment as a result of the efforts dejected, but do not think that success is a gift of the gods and sit back and wait.

"An idea" to be successful, because between this, have gone through tempered.

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