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Anti-fatigue mats

  • Author:Cindy
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on:2015-11-17

You will find different material of anti-fatigue mat in the market. The using condition will decide which material you choose. Here the following materials of anti-fatigue mats are the most common in our life.

Carpet Mats – It mostly used in kitchen and bathroom. But actually they are not the really anti-fatigue mat; they do not do a lot to reduce fatigue. They are more useful to improve people’s footing in a wet environment. And this mat can also keep people’s feet warm on a cold tile surface.

Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat – It is the most common type of anti-fatigue mats for home use. They are waterproof and make feet feel comfort after standing for a long time. This mat can be also used in bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. The mat which produced by Finehope Polyurethane Products company is modern and science.

Foam Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat – Its similar to foam mats accept they are typically more durable and thereby better suited to more industrial environment. Foam rubber anti-fatigue mat can provide good support and good anti-fatigue. And it common used in garage and wood shop.

  This time only introduce these three materials of anti-fatigue mats. And these three mats can satisfy most of the customers.