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Apply clear goals to work

Hannah Gao 2015-12-08 15:29:02

Making your subconscious work for you is only the first for many steps.You will not succeed if you cannot convince other people to cooperate with you and if you do not live in accordance with strict standards. Those standards form the remainder of this book.
But let's assume you have developed the necessary definitions of purpose.You are now likely to ask an obvious questuion:Where do I get resources to implement my plan?
The first step from poverty to riches is the most difficult.The key is to realize that all the riches and all the the material goods that you acquire through your own efforts begin with your having a clear,concise picture of what you seek. When that picture grows to be an obsession with you,you will find that your every action leads you toward its acquisition.
Andrew Carnegie's life again provides an excellent examples.Once he knew he wanted to make steel,he fed that desire until it was the driving force in his life.He then turned to a friend,similarly broke but smart enough to recognize that value of his idea.Because he was impressed by the power of Carnegie's obsession,the friend joined forces with Carnegie.Their combined enthusiasm was sufficient to convince two others.
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