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Attitude change life

Attitude change life

Faye 2017-02-28 11:16:21

The same cell, with a window, optimistic people from here to see the blue sky and white clouds, and pessimists see it is a high wall iron net.

Six months later, the latter because of depression, died in prison, while the former because of a positive attitude of the strong survived until rescued.

The story is small, but the meaning is not small.It shows that we mind to decide everything, a positive attitude, so that our lives full of color and vitality; and pessimism but let our lives full of frustration and hate, and even let us lose The hope of life.

Edison failed millions of times to invent a small light bulb, and some people knew that it was nothing more than a waste of time and life on a very humble thing, but Edison was easy Said: "I proved that more than a thousand can not make the way the lamp, which is not a huge wealth?" Optimistic attitude of the inspiration Edison again and again to contribute to mankind, for the history of mankind opened a new One page.

Well-known performing artist Yingzi face the media on her various scandal, not only did not angry, but funny said: "This can only show that everyone care about me, miss me." She also won the Chinese outstanding actor special award.

But in his time, the country is poor, life is down and out, the people are numb, and the people are in the sea, And the world of his heart is so harmonious. "From tomorrow, for a happy person, feed the horse, firewood, travel around the world." To write such a beautiful poem, he deserves to be the founder of Chinese poetry, but he was in a hurry He thought that the world was too incompetent, there is no need to nostalgia. Yes, it is precisely his sinking pessimistic heart of his death, cast a great loss of poetry.

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