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My Annoyance

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on :2018-05-29

Like every young girl, I pay attention to make myself look pretty, because if I get more attention from others, I will be very happy. So I start to follow the models and the movies stars’ dressing style, then I find that compare to their skinny bodies, I look like a fat girl. So I have made up my mind to lose weight. As my body is in the growth period, my parents always ask me to eat more. When they find me start to eat less, they think I am sick. I tell them that I want to look beautiful, then my mother says that I am beautiful in her eyes. If I don’t eat, I will look old. I search the Internet. The pictures of skinny girls scare me, so I give up losing weight. My annoyance is gone, and I am happy again.

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