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Be Grateful to Your Rival

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on :2017-08-02

Life is full of competitions. When we are at school, we always want to be the most excellent student and win teachers’ praise. When we work, we not only need to compete with our co-workers, but also need to beat other companies for more profit. The rivals are everywhere, which help us to be stronger.

When we are competing with rivals, we are gaining knowledge. To be the winner, we will have the motivation to improve ourselves, as so to have advantages over others. The lack of competitors is not good for people, because the comfortable situation will easy make us to loss motivation to move on.

The good rival also can be our friend. In the processing of competition, both of you get improved. For example, in the debate competition, when two side are in the opposite opinion and both defend for their ideas, it is easy involving personal emotion. If the rival breaks the awkward situation with smile and humor, showing that this is a nice talk, then you won’t lose your temper. This is learning.

Anyway, we should be grateful to our rivals, because we need to make progress all the time, or we will be kicked out.

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