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Chinese Feature

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on :2017-07-18
There is no doubt that China’s fast growth in economy has attracted the world’s attention and many businessmen have noticed the great market potential. So there comes the products that are added with Chinese flavor. China as the developing country is affecting the world.

The things with Chinese feature can be found around the world, such as Chinatown, where is the place not only for Chinese people live and work, but also a place for foreigners to learn more about Chinese culture. This year, the Chinese feature had shown in the biggest underwear’s fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The designers put Chinese flavor in the dress. The public has witnessed the trend, and they appreciate this different but amazing style. Though some people criticized the designers’ misunderstanding about Chinese feature, the world is curious about China.

There are many foreigners learning mandarin, because they love Chinese culture and want to probe more. What’s more, more Asian faces appear in the mainstream foreign media, which shows the growing influence of Asia. China as the big country will naturally catch their attention.

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