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Chinese Features Attract Foreigners

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-01-17

Disney company is famous around the world. Every year it produces many cartoons and are favored by the children. Many years ago, the Chinese strong character Mulan was brought to the screen by Disney. Many foreigners started to know more about China and they were attracted by the Chinese features.

There was a Chinese sauce in the movie, in order to make the cartoon successful, Disney company put forward this sauce in the market. American people spoke highly of this sauce, they liked it so much. Recently, the sauce was put forward again and so many American people came to the shop. As the sauce was limited, they protested outside the shop, which needed the police to keep the order.

With the boom of Chinese market, more and more foreigners come to visit China and they are attracted by not only its delicious food, but also the long history. As there are more Chinese elements in the Hollywood movies, the world want to search more about this big old country. The new technologies such as Alipay, and high speed train surprise them. The output of Chinese culture makes this country stronger.

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