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  • Author:lemon
  • Release on:2018-03-07
"Mom, I dreamed about you all night. I dreamt that you had come back to me, but I know you are gone..." says a post-80s girl named Lulu in a Sina Weibo post.

Lulu has been "talking" to her deceased mother via her microblog for the past four years. Her act has moved millions of Chinese netizens, Xinhua reported on last Tuesday.
The girl from Shenyang posted the first message to her mother on June, 2012, just over a week after her mother passed away. "I will keep talking to you until I leave the world", Lulu wrote. Since then, she keeps updating her post almost every day, expressing how she misses her mother and also shares tidbits of her daily life.

Lulu said it's her way to "keep in touch" with her mother, as she used to talk with her three to four times a day when she was alive.

During the past four years, she has posted over 1,200 messages and got 86,583 followers so far. One internet user said:" Every tweet moves me to tears, and thank you for reminding more people to cherish each day we have with our mother." Another said this is the most touching microblog ever.
Lulu said she was pleased that her microblog made more people aware of their filial duties and she hopes young people could take more time to be with their parents.