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Daily News One Minute: Don't Eat Milk Powder Americans are more inclined to breastfeed their chi

  • Author:kiki
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  • Release on:2018-08-28

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    The number of Americans who breastfeed their children has risen steadily over the past few decade. And according to the Huffington Post, that's a public health win that results in better nutrition and lower health risks for mothers and babies. But this positive development is at odds with the interests of the baby formula industry. Nestle, Abbott, Mead Johnson and Danone are the top four worldwide, and their US sales have flattened. In response, they're heavily marketing other products within the category of "formula food." Toddler formula is marketed for kids 9 months and up. Formula makers say it's meant to be a "nutritional supplement" ensuring that children receive the nutrients they need as they transition from breast milk or baby formula to solid food. But the World Health Organization and pediatric nutrition experts say toddler formula and toddler milks are unnecessary because small children can