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Do not believe in their own will, never become a general.

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-08-10

Spring and Autumn Warring States period, a father and his son set out to fight. Father has done a general, his son is only a horse before the pawn. Another number
Angle sounded, war drums thunder, and his father solemnly hold up a thief, which inserted an arrow. Father solemnly said to his son, "This is
Home attack treasure arrow, with around, power infinite, but must not be drawn out. "

It is a very fine thorns, thick leather playing system, set with faint floodlight copper children, look at the exposed arrow tail. At a glance
We can make use of upper peacock feathers. His son fancy, greedily guess the arrow, the arrow looks like, ear as if whizzing
Arrows passing, the enemy's coach crashed and killed.

Sure enough, with the arrows of the son of heroic extraordinary, invincible. When the trumpet of the gold rush, the son could not help but win
Pride, completely abandoned his father's exhortation, a strong desire to drive out his call to pull out the arrow, trying to see what happens. Suddenly
He was stunned.

A broken arrow, the arrows filled with a broken arrow.
I have been fighting only broken arrows fight it! His son scared out a cold sweat, as if the moment to lose the pillars of the house, crashing will collapse.

The results are self-evident, his son died in the chaos army.

The smoke of the smoke, the father picked up the handle broken arrows, heavy spit a mouth "do not believe their own will, never do not become a general." The victory and defeat in a treasure arrow, how stupid! And when a person to the core of life and handle to others, how dangerous!

Such as the hope of pinning on children who, the happiness on the husband's body, the living security sustenance in the unit body ... ...
Warm tips, he is an arrow, if it is tough, if it is sharp, if it is a hundred steps to wear Yang, hundreds of hundred, tempered it, save it can only be their own.

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