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Do not get lost in the advantages

Faye 2016-01-20 11:15:30

Our way of life, if there is rain and muddy bumpy road, a lot of time, not fall on their own shortcomings, but fell to their advantage inside.

Our life is so, because defects often to remind us, but the advantage was always let us forget, so many times what we have the advantage harm themselves.

There is a saying goes, "all will be drowned in the water," she said this is the truth. A person can not swim, is not to swim in the sea, and the courage to sea people are fighting swimmers. Which it is precisely those swimmers, often engulfed by the raging waves.

So, when we have an advantage, we must not forget. When we, when there are obvious defects, nor abandon myself Zinei. Because, advantages and disadvantages are into each other, advantages sometimes becomes cumbersome, it became incentive failure; and defect sometimes becomes an advantage, became the motivation to succeed.

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