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Do you have a soup in your hand?

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-08-05

Usually we eat in the hot pot restaurant, you can often see the waiter on an arm with several dishes filled with meat dishes in the table through the line, the heart really lamented the waiter superb balance, think of us at home, to the top of the table a hot Soup are careful, can always be free to spill some hot, in fact, as long as you can tell yourself, these attendants do you can easily do.

Psychology, the human body behavior to a large extent by the psychological implications of the impact. Why we often carry a bowl of hot soup to walk when the body is often hot or smashed the bowl, the reason is that the psychological first there is a presumption of such consequences, and therefore in charge of physical movement of the nerves are strongly suggestive, so the more careful Is easy to lead to psychological fear of the results. On the other hand, if there is no concern in the heart, a good result convinced, then benign psychological hints often lead to benign results. In the middle of the shuttle service among the guests, in addition to the necessary training, just tell yourself "can not sprinkle" and "I can" on it.

Try their own side of a bowl of hot soup before, said to myself, this bowl of soup, I will be broken very stable, not any problems. Even if this is not the case, hot on the rule, smashed a bowl to buy, what is amazing? These words you say to yourself, look at their own results it

In fact, the cause of life, like "side soup". Born for the people, probably less willing to mediocrity and do nothing, so always go to "side soup". But the success is always very few Put aside the qualification of talent, the opportunity fortune of these uncontrollable talk about, probably with the failing to let go of the psychological mentality is not unrelated. A lot of time, we do business with the real mentality is like carrying a bowl of hot soup road, not afraid of hot hands, is afraid of the bowl smashed, has not yet begun to move, the shadow of failure is like a dodge witch black Cloak like a cover down. We bow down the cat waist, walking on thin ice, simply can not see the foot and in front of the road, more difficult to take into account and judge the surrounding situation; more terrible is that my heart always has a stubborn voice kept reminding you, Let the hot soup grow on his hand! It ramble endlessly, prompting you heart impatient, gradually chaos square inch. Accidentally, hot soup out of a Yang, negative pain to let go, with the hands of the bowl also fell to the ground to play smash.

Friends, have you ever done this awkward "side soup" people? If you have any words, do not be depressed, the next time if you can be lucky enough to end a bowl of delicious flavor of the hot soup, please try to try the above approach, the key is to relax the mind, full of confidence, Good results convinced. There is nothing remarkable, let go go forward, you will drink this bowl of delicious hot soup.

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