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Eight workplace coup let you rise above the common herd

Hannah Gao 2016-12-16 17:45:10

Just being buried under piles of paper day and night is not enough for you to get promoted.Here are some methods to draw favorable attention from your boss.
Bring a briefcase
Toting a briefcase with you gives your colleagues and boss the impression you`reconcentrating on your job, even if there`s nothing inside it.
Look alert
Standing and sitting straight makes you look confident and full of energy. No boss likes to seehis employees slumped before the computers downheartedly.
Be punctual
No one likes to wait for the others. Be courteous by being on time.
Business is business
A good employee has a clear line between business and private affairs. During work time,don`t talk with your boy or girlfriend on the phone or discuss with colleagues where to chillafter work.
Smile awhile
A smile is infectious. Be a positive person and share your smile with others.
Keep a tidy desk
Put your documents in the drawers and keep your desk neat and clean. Your boss will believeyou are orderly and responsible.
Don`t gossip
No matter what funny things you are talking about, gossiping in the office is a surefire way toend your work life. The best way is to know when to speak and when to be silent.
Learn to be a good leader
Spend time to learn more about the company. If the colleagues feel you can control thesituation and know a lot about the company, they will show you respect, and the boss will alsobe impressed.