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Fairy Tales

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-03-26
Everybody grows up with fairy tales. Before they sleep, their parents read stories to them. Fairy tales have great influence on many people’s career, especially the directors and writers. They create new stories on the basis of these classic fairy tales. These fictional world brings something positive to people.

Fairy tales picture a wonderful world for children. In the imaginary world, children can find a lot things that they have never seen in the real life. Such as the animals who can talk, or the aliens walk in another planet. All of these provide the young people a wide vision of life, which gives them the passion and inspiration to create new things.

The most important value of fairy tales is to show children the way to see the world. In the stories, family love and friendship are always the main themes. The protagonists fight against the evil forces with the support of their families and friends. They win in the end and grow up as the strong people. This shows the children never to give up and success will come.

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