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Finehope Finehope 2015-11-17 14:46:56

Dear Distinguished Guest, 

Finehope Polyurethane Produce Co.,Ltd. Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting custom polyurethane products, and has a history of doing business with U.S.-based clients. 


The quality and reliability of all our products are of the highest standards, and all of our clients have been satisfied with both our superior quality and favorable prices. Our company consists of five central departments; these include quality management, production technology, research and development, craftwork improvement, and client communication. The combination of these departments ensures that our clients receive superior products and service.


Materials,Products,and Applications

Our polyurethane materials products cover a wide scope and have varied applications, depending on the specific requests of our clients. In the past, our main polyurethane materials have included soft foam polyurethane, rigid foam polyurethane, self-sintered foam polyurethane, high-resilience polyurethane, and half-rigid non-foam polyurethane elastomers. Our accessory products have included injection machinery, injection machinery, and welding machinery.

The specific molds of our products are entirely based on client needs and preferences, and have in the past included construction tools, housing columns, balustrades, rails, and decorative products. Because our production capacity is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), we provide our clients with “one-stop” service, taking care of everything from initial molds to painting to product assembly.

Research and Development

Our first-rate research and development team works closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the design of the desired product. Our team is able to work efficiently to produce designs which meet our high quality standards at a low cost, and we typically produce several different samples from which clients can select.

Because our research and development team is completely independent from any of our raw materials suppliers, we are able to ensure the stability of our production rates. This in turn guarantees our clients reliable shipments and stable prices. Because 100% of our products are examined by a member of our research and development team before they are loaded into containers, we can ensure that there are absolutely no deviations from quality standards. 


Professional Production Capacity


Our company is at the leading edge of China’s polyurethane manufacturing industry, and we currently own twelve pieces of professional high and low polyurethane injection equipment which have been imported from Italy and Germany. We also own five independent and continuous production lines. All of our equipment is regularly maintained to guarantee stable production rates, which results in consistent delivery dates for our clients. 


Our polyurethane manufacturing capacity allows us to create product weights in the range of 1-9,000 grams, and sizes in the range of 1-2,600 millimeters. Densities are available in the range of 10 kg per cubic meter to 1200 kg per cubic meter, which is the equivalent to 0.6 pounds per cubic foot to 75 pounds per cubic foot. 


Molding Techniques 


We can currently manufacture products for clients by using two different methods. These include the male mold-forming and female mold-forming techniques, which are briefly outlined below. We discuss all options with our clients to ensure that their products are manufactured in a cost-effective and reliable manner. 


Male Mold-Forming 

With the Male mold-forming technique, the client provides a sample of the product, which we can then use to produce a mold. If the client does not have physical samples, we can alternatively use a drawing template to create our own mold to the client’s specifications. Once the client is satisfied with the mold’s product samples, we can then begin the production process. 


Female Mold-Forming

With the Female Mold-Forming technique, the client provides a sample of the product, which we will scan with our 3-dimensional imaging machinery. We will then produce several CNC molds with which to produce the product. Once the client is satisfied with a certain mold’s product samples, we can then begin the production process.


Quality Management 


All of our products are of preeminent quality standards, and as a result, we have never received a return shipment from a client. Our team is thoroughly trained in quality management, and the work of our Quality Assurance team ensures that every single product is inspected before it reaches our clients. This preserves a healthy relationship with our clients, and we believe that our quality, reliability, and favorable prices will be attractive to any company looking for a production-capacity manufacturer for polyurethane and other products 


I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking to you further about your company’s manufacturing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.