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Fishing rods Story

  • Author:Finehope
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on:2015-11-17

There is an old man fishing in the river, a child came to see him fishing,it did not take long to catch on the full basket of fishbecause of his skillfully. The elderly see the kids are cute, so he  gave this kid the whole basketfish.But this child shaking child hishead, the old man asked with amazing sound: "Why don’t you received?"then the child replied: "I just want the fishing rod in your hands." The old man asked: "What do you want the fishing rod?" The child replied: "It won’t take long time to eat this basket of fish.But if I have a fishing rod, I could catch myself and eat endless"


 I think you will say: this kid is so smart . But this is wrong, if he only takes this fishing rod, then he never eat a fish. Because he did not understand the techniques of fishing, only have the light rod is useless, because the most importance of fishing is not "rod"but "fishing technology."


There are too many people think they have a track rod of life, no fear of wind and rain on their life, so, it will inevitably fall on the muddy ground. As a child to the old man, the fish will never eat up as long as there have fishing rod, like the staff see the boss, there will have rolled into the financingas long as sitting in the office.