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Food Choice

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-11-14

According to the health report, obesity has become the main problem that annoys the teenagers. Especially in America, the rate of obesity is increasing every year, because of the fast food culture. Even in China, as more kids are in favor of fast food, their weight are over the healthy level. Making the right food choice can help them to reduce fat. Meat and vegetable are indispensable part of a meal, it is advocated to eat more vegetables. Look at those famous people who stay fit all the time telling people the importance of eating vegetable. Sometimes the conflict of different types of food is easy to be ignored, such as white radish and carrot, which should not be cooked together, because the nutrition will be decreased. If we want to eat in a healthy way, we’d better to stay away from junk food and make the right choice.

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