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Four career even harder to do than you think

Four career even harder to do than you think

Max lin 2016-12-20 18:11:59

1.Public school teacher

Teachers tend to be an easy target for many people who like to bellyache.
"Teachers get summers off!", they'll say, oblivious to the fact that many teachers spend the remaining nine months of the year working an average of 53 hours per week, and earning between $41,000 and $47,000 per year.
And many teachers actually spend their summers refreshing their credentials, and planning for the next year, so it's hardly a vacation.


Can you imagine anything more stressful than having hundreds of lives in your hands as you steer a gigantic metallic bird through the air?
Being a pilot may sound like fun, but when you consider just how much stress and pressure these men and women are under while performing the job, it may not sound like such a fun gig.

3.Actors and actresses

Acting has to be an easy gig, right? You show up and say your lines.
Well, yes. That's partially true. But depending on your role, it may require much more than that.
Just look at what some actors have to do to prepare. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, did some ghastly things to prepare for The Revenant.
4.Newspaper reporter

Journalism has hit hard times, and because of that, budgets have shrunk for local news departments across the country. That means reporters are required to do more with less, and do it all for less pay.
Reporters, on average, only earn around $34,000 per year, and work 10 hours per day.

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