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Give yourself a chance to succeed

Faye 2017-04-15 09:01:13

The heart of a strong person, that is, people who really think; or really have thought of people, but also a strong heart. Such a person, even in the secular world in the so-called adversity, his heart is peaceful, confident, and is full of happiness. Because his world is no longer just a secular world, he also has his own unique perfect inner world, in this world, he has his own standards of happiness and happiness standards, in this kingdom, he enjoyed someone else can not enjoy, Also can not understand the happiness and happiness.

Nearly two hundred years ago, the Danish thinker Goreke Guru life penniless, life is also very short, but his heart is strong, full of happiness. Such a person's happiness, is generally difficult to understand.

Life is a long process, we have too much hope, it will inevitably encounter disappointment and frustration. The ideal of the shelves, but came back to find us like a fish, always thought that their wings are birds, but finally know that they can not fly.

Life is like water, sometimes muddy, sometimes clear, we are struggling in the community of this big tank - "I often feel that life is illing me, why are others better than their own happiness and happiness?" In the face of setbacks, we complain that life has deceived us, We thought that our life had no hope. We often compare ourselves to the lost swan, but forget how we want to fly.

Give yourself a chance to succeed in life there are many things that can not be compared, each person's congenital conditions are different, talent is also ever-changing, you are not a starting point, what is the significance of comparison? So friends, life, should not blindly compare with others.

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