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How a Farmer Saved the Snake

  • Author:Finehope
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on:2015-11-17
"Oh, it is a little snake. Why aren"t you at home in such a cold weather? Look, you"re freezing. Poor you!" The farmer thought some more to himself. "What can I do for you? Make a fire to warm you? No, it"s snowing so hard, and I have only a very small bundle of wood. Besides, my family is waiting for the wood to cook." The farmer turned round and round anxiously and then said, "I know! I will put you under my clothes. It"s warm there." He unbuttoned his clothes and put the snake inside, against his chest. some time later, the snake came to life gradually. The warmth of the old farmer had not changed its cruel nature. It opened its mouth and bit right into the farmer"s chest. "Oh, my god! How cruel you are! I saved you, but you bit me. Why?" As he was saying this, he took out the snake and threw it on the ground. But the farmer was already poisoned and was dying. Only at this time did he realize that he had done something wrong. "I took pity on him, but he bit me in return. In nowadays , it is the same reason to us, we need to be careful for our own.