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How to Apologize

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-12-06

No matter how strong friendship is between friends, conflicts happen somehow. After many conflicts, the communication between people can be improved, if they handle the problem well. When argument happens, the first reaction for people is to quit talking, but after a while, they regret and want to talk to their friends again. Then here comes the problem. How to apologize when you figure out that it is your fault. The proper way to apologize can fix the relationship. Actually, the best way to apologize is to talk to your friend face to face. This is the most sincerest way that everyone will be impressive. Texting message or talking on the phone is less effective. Sometimes buying a gift is a good way to show your regret. Your don’t need to buy the big one, a small one is enough. Never feel shameful to apologize, if you cherish your relationship.

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