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Human activities and nature

Eylan 2017-06-14 14:47:08
In many countries practical solutions to protect wildlife do exist, but a recovery plan cannot be useful without jointly enforcing legislation world-wide. Trade in endangered plants and animals is now internationally prohibited, as is commercial exploitation, and so what? Penalties for violations used to be too minimal to stop such destructive human activities as illegal hunting and deforestation and pollution, even though nobody should like to see the situation becoming bad to worse.
To begin with, the habitat of flora and fauna has been losing ground, although it is not known exactly how many species of animals and plants have been killed off or wiped out on earth since the Industrial Revolution. And how many more are disappearing at an alarming rate. Until recently few thought that human actions could affect the world's ecosystem on a global scale. It is as if anything that humans touch is doomed. These days many are more sure that such actions are occurring, and that this problem is so big that no government can tackle alone. Accordingly, the biodiversity--living things and relationships among them, demand international actions. Gradually, the public is beginning to worry that the worse is yet to come. Some fear that if little or nothing is done in time to prevent the disaster from happening , humankind as species might be doomed as well. Such is at least the view held by quite a few scientists and environmentalists who call for severe sanctions, or else. Others, however, believe that the case is not hopeless. The good news is that there is an increasing awareness of the great danger human beings are in. An urgent global commitment has actually been reached to join forces to maintain ecosystem, saving Nature for Nature's sake, despite the fact that in certain crucial fields apparently not enough has been done. As it is, protecting the natural mechanisms and preventing pollution are hard tasks to deal with, nevertheless human beings ought to trust themselves in meeting the challenges, by reason or by force.
Excessive logging, illegal hunting and fishing, and out-of-control pollution continue in many corners of the planet on penalties of heavy fines and criminal charges, but concerned governments across the world are no longer turning a blind eye. It is a truth universally acknowledged that, unless effective measures are taken altogether at once, mankind's road to doom is sure, although very slow. Fortunately human beings now know that harming the earth is easy like pulling bricks from a giant wall, and that they may keep doing it until the wall suddenly collapses.

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