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Internet: Far or Near

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-04-09

There is no doubt that Internet has changed our life greatly. It makes the world smaller. People can get to know the world in a short time and make friends from all over the world. While on the other hand, the much attention on the Internet isolates the distance and reduces face to face communication.

Many years ago, before the popularity of computer, people got to know the world by listening to the radio or reading newspaper. But nowadays, people can just read the instant news on the Internet and get the first-hand information immediately. The fast way to master information makes them feel keeping in touch with the world. The world seems so near to them.

Internet is everywhere and it helps people to do a lot of things, such as making friends online, keeping in touch with their relatives, even to do business. As people rely on Internet so much, they pay much attention on the virtual world. The face to face communication is reduced, and the distance between people seems so far.

We should use Internet properly and never lose ourselves in the virtual world.

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