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Is school a useful thing?

Is school a useful thing?

Max Lin 2017-10-30 16:43:32

Around 99% of the stuff taught to kids over 13 will not be applied in their lives.

Schools teach theory which is perfect for those that go into academia, but useless for the 99% that don’t.
But unless you learn the theory you will not get a place at university.
And if you don’t go to university, you won’t get a good job.
Obey the system and the system will reward you…
It is my unpopular opinion that most schools are useless.
Yesterday, I was doing the Computer Science Pre-Arrival Course of the University of Cambridge. I was reading binary numbers (e.g. 1101001). How do they transform to 16-base, 8-base or 10-base numbers. What are they? The part was several paragraphs long. No more than 30 lines. That was the time, I realized I wasted 12 years at school…Not only my school never told me what the “1”s and “0”s are but also we weren’t even told what are those transformations.
For 3 months, I was doing transformations like a robot. But all I needed to hear was what they were and I probably would have figured out how to do the transformations myself! Most schools do not educate. They train students.

Many people would refute my argument by saying that, if one doesn’t go to school, he or she will have the same brain as a 4-year old kid in a kindergarten.
I disagree.
That would only be the case if you didn’t go to school and spent all your time doing nothing. What if you self-educated yourself? What if your parents taught you the school-stuff in a much more fundamental manner?
The only downside might be that the kid would not have as much social interaction as his/her compatriots but that can be resolved by attending extracurricular activities or meeting people outside. Even if that doesn’t work out as well as attending school for social reasons, that is a sacrifice I am willing to take, especially if the student is in high-school.
Schools should not imprint information in student.
They should teach how to learn.

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