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Label must not be allowed to kidnap his

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-01-15

We, the front of the label is certainly positive, the case grew up in their "label", for us to bring their own smug, it has been an honor to enjoy these labels, in life, looking for opportunities to prove the correctness of deliberately these labels, it labels kidnapping our own, or to maintain the label to establish the hard their images, or 1-day It will be defeated is by outside factors of the label.

Similarly, once sunk to us more and more frustration, in such may be difficult way of that to give up his life in the face of defeat to get the easy growth, you agree to the negative label .

There is no shortage no "nativism" to the life others and their own people of decision, we, they are of course to us, please note that give the supplied label, however, the labels that are themselves attached Note you need to.

In the label prior to curing, also each of us is a clearly inseparable from the sweat of also ninety-nine percent "genius", he must know that it is the individual growth. And, Qinnengbuzhuo truth, it should be to a "stupid" all the blood stream.

Rather than real winner, one or two grades on which is labeled "genius" is and regardless of the success or failure, in order to peel off the label pursuit of better each with its own ongoing efforts reflection It has the courage to.

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