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Life is like playing chess, you can see the next few steps

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-03-04

Life is like playing chess. High who can see five steps or even more than a dozen steps, low energy can only see two or three steps. The master of the overall situation, seek the general trend, not to sub-sub-one as the most important thing to win the final goal; low hand is easy to fight, the results of repeated mistakes, to failure ended.

Winners generally can show modesty, losers are often disagree, which makes the winner uncomfortable. If the winner is breathtaking, both sides will be hurt and gas. It is best to win the tolerance of modesty, losers Gongqian learn, a total of stuffy atmosphere, teachers, scholars are happy. Learning the way, interpersonal relationship is also true.

Life also love war. Some things, the overall situation has been hopeless, and should give up, another way to find a way, not empty their own, not empty life. What a person wants to do and what can be, is two different things, must be within the scope of the election to do things. As a woman likes what kind of clothes and get what kind of clothes are two different things. If the writers in the circle of long-term works, it is better to do more suitable for their own career. Abandon the vanity, even down to a low position, as long as you can play to their strengths, you can do a greater achievement, to find their own life value. Do not dry can not do things, do not be dispensable people, should be the basic character of people. Later in World War II, some countries have decided to defeat, immediately announced unconditional surrender, turned to engage in the economy, in a limited time under the two games: a war chess lost, an economic chess won. While some countries at the same time only under a war chess. Life should be neat, and sometimes at the same time under the two games: their work and hobbies. Two games complement each other, even if a loss, psychological balance.

The real we can set in the victory or defeat, the courage to praise the opponent, but also dare to point opponents, allowing the other side of the chess, who is also smart. Unfortunately, life can not go back to the chess, but the event is more generous, but also very good. People are let yourself, love is love.

Playing chess must be detached, can only enjoy the pleasure, it should be as a rest way, relaxed about. If too hard, even more than in the work and study on the energy, win the music is not support, lose that is flattered, there are injuries liver and spleen, will lose their lives.

To see some people for a chess brains really for his inverted life sigh! Life should have a more serious event, where in the small things too serious people, their life value is not high.

With the chess is a kind of enjoyment, can get the inspiration of his personality grid; with the vulgar chess is living to suffer, by its bad chess flesh abuse, won the unhappy, lost, draw was also ridiculed. But life will be met through the vulgar and vulgar, who can escape it?

Working with the elegant, have their influence or training; with the vulgar who work, you can test and exercise their own personality. To come up with courage and patience to meet the changes in life and challenges, 100 refining into steel, Zhuo Yu Cheng device.

Play chess do not have to read the chess, otherwise, really boring move. However, I really hope to see the life of the "chess", however, this is not. Because the world is new every day, the past, then, others can not listen, can not listen, all rely on their own to explore forward.

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