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Life is not lost

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2017-02-24

Knowing frustration is to know yourself, but also to know life; smile to look frustrated, will make your life more exciting.

In the way of life, frustration is always unexpected. Mr. Gu Long's favorite two lyrics is: how much frustration in life, why should I choose me. Generation martial arts master even issued such a lament, really sad.

Life, poetic wonderful, there are frustrated sorrow. Frustrated with poetic, bitter music, the first bitter after the sweet. Poetic manifestation of frustration, behind every successful person, there is an unknown hardships. Knowing frustration is to know yourself, but also to know life; smile to look frustrated, will make your life more exciting.

Life is frustration or poetic, not dependent on the environment, more from their own ideas. At that time, Su Dongpo because of nothing in the "black court" and was demoted Huangzhou, a straight poet and honest officials, was hit by life! He is tired of politics and life, but not decadent, while the feelings of landscape, while calm thinking, and finally realized, and more love and enjoy life.

"The wind on the river, and the moon of the moon, the ears of the sound, the case of the fineness of color, from the ban, inexhaustible. Is the creator of the endless possession of, and I and the child of the total "Famous" before and after Chibi Fu ", as well as" Nian Nujiao • Chibi Nostalgia "is written in this period.

The face of the plight of life, but has a thriving poetic heart. What is this wonderful realm? Lin Yutang commented that he, "life is singing and dancing, won the music, the advent of trouble, laughing." This is exactly what we pursued poetic life.

Life and then frustrated, but also for their own save a little naive. Poetic life, not the gift of God, not your hard work can be exchanged for. It is your heart in heaven and earth, the eyes of the United States, the soul of the pursuit of goodness, temperament left a innocent child. As long as you have such a poetic heart, you can start to create your poetic life.

Life, no matter where they fall, there is a poetic presence! As long as our soul has a magnificent yearning, as long as we live up to a rate of true interest, then, no matter how we fall out of frustration, we can poetously dwelling!

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