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Lose the game, won the character

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-11-04

Strength and fortune is a pair of twin brothers. Augustin Navarro is a cyclist, taking part in a cycling race in Cantabria, Spain. Before the game, Navarro made a lot of preparation, that won the medal is no problem, so full of confidence. However, after the start of the race, he found himself estimating the wrong competitors, even using all the stops can not ride in front of him in front of Ishmael Esteban, can only be followed.

Just when he did not count from when the lucky gods come, Esteban's bicycle puncture, and can only carry a car to run! For Navarro, this is a great opportunity, as long as his feet a little harder, you can easily over Esteban, won the championship. But he did not do it, but made a people can not imagine the move, he slowed down the speed, slowly behind with Esteban.

This action is undoubtedly to the roadside audience brought excitement, at first, we thought Navarro was silly, to his doubts, but then the audience for Navarro's move infection, cheers applause.

End of the game, punctured Esteban still won the bronze medal, and Navarro and the medals missed. At the ceremony, Esteban solemnly medal to Navarro, said the medal should belong to Navarro. Can Navarro refused.

In the face of the media, Navarro said: "Esteban is a good cyclist racing, won the medal is a matter of course.Although there was an accident in the game, but he can carry the car ran the race, If this time, I surpass him and won medals is a very unethical behavior, for which I would rather not medals. "This is also a sporting spirit!

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