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My Idol

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-06-20
Everybody has an idol in their heart, and some change their idol with the age changing. The public pays more attention to the amusement circle, but for me, I am more favored of the athletes, because I am so admire of their strong will and spirit. For example, the famous tennis player Nadal, who is from Spain. He is my favorite athlete. I remembered the first time I saw him playing tennis match on TV. He was about to lose the game, but he kept his attention and never gave up one point. At last, he won the match. What a great athlete! The spirit he owning inspires me to move on. An excellent idol should have something deserves the public to admire, so the things they present to the public is surely the positive sides. The power of idol is great. 

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