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Niubi is dry out

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-12-24

I often like to organize some gatherings, such as class meetings, QQ group of parties, as well as city, industry, some of the parties,

I have held a junior high school party, very hard to do, write copy promotion, set the relevant personnel, all SMS text messages and so on. The end result is that a lot of the scene, very impressive.

Recall that several years have passed, when I do this thing is not a great starting point, there is no map to a lot of things on the pure broken want to get together for a long time not see friends, but did not expect some small moves to me The return and growth is huge!

why? In fact, you will find that a lot of time, many of us do not like to take the lead to do something, do not like to make birds, always want others to take the lead. But wait for others to take the lead out, we will say "he has experience, he has done so many times, let him do it, we all listen to him."

From my organization is this thing on the party, and now every time the party, such as the New Year, home students will come to ask me, brother Tsai (I call in school), this year's party? One to the National Day, when the holiday, some with the city, the industry's friends will ask me. Anyway, when we want to meet, will come to ask you, party?

In fact, from here you can see a lot of people still have some recognition for me, at least in the organization of this thing on this thing, this is my harvest. I am often planning some on-line party. Most of these friends are in the QQ group know, online chat ten times as a meeting line, chances are also what kind of spark

If you want to establish a network of contacts for you, you have to learn to do an organizer of activities, the best line at the same time line, not guilty, do not be afraid of their ability to organize activities under the line, do anything Need to take the first step, remember the sentence: a lot of things, not who Niubi who do, but who do Niubi who!

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