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Normal to look detours

Faye 2016-01-08 15:24:39

World distribution diagram display a river, the river is not a straight line, but curved curve. Why is this so? In other words, why not go straight river road, but had to make detours it?

Rivers do not go straight road and detours, the most fundamental reason is that detours is a normal nature, and go straight road is a very state, because the river in advance of the process, will encounter a variety of obstacles, Some obstacles are insurmountable. So, it only takes a detour, detour, but also because of detours, it avoids an obstacle, finally arrived at the distant sea.

In fact, life is also true, when you encounter frustrations, setbacks, but also make the twists and turns of life seen as a norm, not despair, do not sigh, do not stand still, the detours as another front row In one form, another way, so you can be like a river that detours, he arrived in that distant sea life.

The detours as is the norm, With a sense of balance to look forward frustrations and setbacks encountered, this is my life in a revelation hall geography lesson harvest.

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