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Not afraid of sticking tires, PU solid tire

Faye Finehope 2015-11-17 14:36:03

There is such a kind of tire which is not afraid of sticking, and it will not leak with long life using, easy to install, even if there are iron nails all over the floor, they are still able to run like a champ ...... This is called non-pneumatic tires, which is non-pneumatic for life with good quality, wear resistance, flexibility, security and good, long life and other characteristics. It is also commonly known as solid tires (non-pneumatic tires), PU foam tires.


PU solid tires that we commonly see in daily life is widely used in wheelchairs, electric cars, scooters, carts, baby carriage, warehouse cars, old cars, industrial vehicles, electric cars, electric scooters, lawn cars, golf carts, luggage Products on wheel boxes, airport baggage cars.


It is such a rolling tire that completely removes the traditional pneumatic tire wearing, explosive, tires changes, core changes, tire repair, leak of risks. It can completely avoid tire explosion and leakage when people on the way and then delay the trip, especially motorcycles, electric cars assembled on a free inflatable tires will not explosive at high speeds. This avoids suffering a crushing defeat when the tire burst car turned cause a safety factor of serious traffic accidents that make the electric car motorcycle and other vehicles increases safety.


The design of PU solid tire is reasonable architectural and unique, easy to install, reliable performance with advanced production technology of the new tire which is also a tire structural principle of breakthrough products. Its performance has been through a number of physical domestic and international tire testing department certification, have reached or exceeded similar products, carcass weight with the same specifications similar to a pneumatic tire, having subsidence and comfort similar to a pneumatic tire, the service life is 3-5 times of a pneumatic tire.


There is a professional custom PU solid tires manufacturer in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. The company focus on quality as a goal, concentrated on technology innovation of enterprises. Every trip of consumers can be safe and have peace of mind, this rolling PU solid tire is everyone's first choice.