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Opportunity is out in front

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-04-06

The world's most tiring thing, than hypocrisy live.

In a town of Moscow, Russia, one called "instant beauty" clothing shop though age is not long, small, but business is definitely the most popular, because the store has a very powerful secret weapon - again Dressing mirror.

Speaking of hot business tips, boss Mo Luosi always laughs and says words of others - tech. In fact, some time ago, because of the intense competition sake, instant beauty clothing store business is not good. In order to increase turnover, Mo Luosi tried the approach, but has not been effective.

One day, when Mo Luosi browsing the Internet to a message: Russia ARDoor company to design a virtual dressing mirror, you can make that can dress up without undressing. The specific use of this mirror is: as long as each person standing in front of a mirror holding clothes on his chest, then pressed a few buttons on the mirror, you can see for yourself, "wearing" 3D images on the clothes. This information allows Moluo Si excited, because he is able to understand the biggest feature of a woman shopping, buy clothes, but feel it is fitting trouble.

Mo Luosi decided to buy such a dressing mirror, may have been his wife's objections: "? Such high-tech products still do not know when to start producing and selling it, you buy now is not to spend the high price."

"This is the businessman to pay attention to the place. Although the price of high-tech products, but it is also the highest value, because it is fresh. For us, the more run at the front, the greater the chances, you say?" Mo Luosi so analysis for his wife. Wife think it quite reasonable.

The next day, Mo Luosi nonstop Out Contact this dressing mirror. Sure enough, as the fact that his wife might expect, even though he bought into a mirror, but the price is surprisingly high. But they soon saw another pen rolling in wealth: the mirror to put on after, the United States and clothing instantaneous source can be used simply "busy" to describe each of the female customers into the store counters are used several straight sets of clothes, standing in front of a mirror and then "try." Only one result greatly accelerate the fitting time triggered: female customers to buy clothes is greatly increased. Within a few days time, Mo Luosi discovered earned profits more than the cost of buying the mirror. One month down, Mo Luosi to earn pours. In this case, 3D dressing mirror, although some people began to slowly sell, but already one step ahead of Mo Luosi severely make a fortune.

Know how to seize the high-tech, Mo Luosi quick step to win a lot of money profit, which indicates the point: the opportunity is to run at the front.

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