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Ordinary people can succeed

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-01-13

Ordinary success depends on the down-to-earth, self-honing, patiently, do not strive for success, the accumulation of capital for future development. On the contrary, the expectations of many smart people too much urgency, when the results can not immediately become depressed when depressed. One study found no correlation between academic performance at school and the ability to work in the future. Some of the character, such as: stable and credible, practical ability to organize more important than academic performance.

Employer: The director of a big company is very frank: "My success is due to those smart people. I always pick out those smart people.I use them to promote them, when we have success, and They share the honor. "

"It's the key to working with others," said a woman executive at a company. "My people are smarter than me. I like this situation. I mediate the disputes between them and urge them to do their best." Good foundation, excellent ordinary people do not eye fixed on a very high position. Ordinary people just stare slightly higher than the position of the former position, so that they can broaden their knowledge, step by step to move forward and some smart people can not do this.

Play your strengths: There are at least seven divisions of intelligence: mathematics, logic, foreign language, music, spatial thinking, sports, and two are: mutual understanding between people, how to achieve the ideal and treatment of fear in life And obstacles. So, if your math is not satisfactory, you may have the ability to plan, and perhaps persuade people the ability to be trained to become a good negotiator.

When it comes to a lawyer talking about his success, he says: "Of course, this is due to my excellent legal expertise, but the fundamental reason for my success is that I have always kept my word, if I promise my client One day a document is ready, to be prepared .Today, there are not many people of this quality, and you have this kind of conduct, people will think you are a genius. The best ability, it can win the trust of others.

From a setback: a beauty industry advertising for the lady said: "I can learn in school, but not good. I used to be a company marketing department of the senior director, but did seven months on the Was sacked, and it was as if someone had struck a fist at your nose, and when you were fired, you were sitting on the fire, forcing you to be creative. "Now, her business is picking up, Also good, she was very satisfied with the work of their own final say.

In the final analysis, people with ordinary minds, looked up high, full of enthusiasm and confidence in life, this is the most remarkable. Abraham Lincoln was not buried because he was an ordinary person. He has no social background, looks ugly, but we can see is a great man, so that the world of "ordinary people" have a new understanding. Let us quote Lincoln's words: "God loves the ordinary people, because he created so many ordinary people.

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