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People in low-flying also

Faye 2016-01-21 16:46:47

In many cases, not beat their external environment, but our own. When we drop the bottom of life, to believe that he must be able to resolve, overcome, and soared in the upwind of the Department, so that "people are flying at a low point."

Life was originally so contradictory, life and death, love and hate, passion and plain, perseverance and abandon, as good times with adversities.

In fact, good times, adversity, things are never absolute. What is prosperity? Saying is happy to give all the things they want, and want to see the road it? He also said that the face of adversity? Is that just the opposite, every day do not like reality bumps, embarrass themselves and I would like to become a thing but not, obviously has something to hand, but suddenly missing out?

The world already full of variables, the only constant in the only change itself, from this perspective, the good times for people, but it is the most dangerous time. Because you are too proud, because you are high-spirited, because you intimate knowledge of the road because you have too many hopes and demands, because you never think you'll lose, and therefore, you can not see the road and traps hidden crisis, nor Flowers will think the same will be behind the thorns. So good times and bad, had only a thin line.

When everyone has encountered adversity, how to deal with adversity in life is the most important issue. Because stress is the crossroads of life, but also the touchstone of life. Adversity sometimes like a watershed in life, you have to do a kind of person, how you want to control your life, only in the face of adversity will be sweeping, and only through adversity, you can do what you want in a man.

Good times and bad, under certain conditions, be inverted transformation. As long as uphold the conviction of light to move forward, we will be able to reach the Sun Belt. As successful as most believe it: "I know I'm not the situation of victims, but their owners."

Life, regardless of the cause in which we seem to others humble situation, we can not give up on themselves, humble or lofty merely secular for our label affixed to learn to look at themselves a sense of balance, can temporarily escape earthly annoyance, exposure to the lower break, should not leisurely enjoy it?

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