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Polyurethane Products Category

Faye 2015-12-12 13:11:38

1. The flexible polyurethane foam
Transportation (automobiles, aircraft, rail vehicle seat, ceiling materials, etc.), household items (bed, sofa, etc. cushion material) and the like.

2. rigid polyurethane foam
Building materials (insulation material), industrial materials (ground storage tank facility and other insulation materials), household items (refrigerators, insulation materials, surfboards and other core material). Room noise, vibration apartment buildings and other buildings floors to reduce noise and vibration. Railway, subway and other rail from below to reduce noise and vibration effects.

3. The polyurethane elastomer
Industrial materials (various rolls, hose, round belts, gaskets, gear, anti-vibration rubber, cloth interior piping and surface coating materials, etc.), electrical insulator products, daily necessities (shoes, plastic hammer, cutting machine like blade pedestal, sticker and solid tires) and so on.

4. The polyurethane coating
Transportation (automobiles, aircraft, rail vehicles), architectural coatings (building • outside the home decoration, bridges, furniture), supplies, ink (printing ink roller) and the like.

5. The polyurethane adhesive
Food packaging, shoes, wood, construction, automotive, composite (Composite dry, rolling composite binder) and the like.

6. The polyurethane coating
It has excellent abrasion resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. Mainly used for transportation (aircraft, cars, rail), architectural coatings (building, interior and exterior decoration, bridges, furniture), ink.

7. The polyurethane waterproofing material
Roof waterproof coating materials, insulation window frames, automotive glass (windscreen, rear windscreen) and the like.

8. PU leather
Synthetic leather (bags, shoes, belts), all kinds of leather surface treatment agent

9. Spandex
Similar to natural rubber, very good in proportion, strength, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and dyeing and so on.

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