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How Important It is

Hopely Li 2016-03-08 09:44:19

There is a suitcase for you with a million US dollar in .  The suitcase is placed in a building away from you about one hour driving. The condition is, you need to get there within two hours. If you did, I will give you the suitcase with a million US dollar. Or if you late for only one minute, nothing will you get. When would you get about?  Many would say: ―Now. I will you?  Now you set out. You hurry into your car, start it, drive for the building. You are so excited
and wonder what to do about the one million US dollars. All of a sudden, you are stopped by the traffic jam. 

You turn on the radio and find there is no any way to get there because of the accident on your way. What will you do nest step? Go back? Or step out your car, go to the building on foot (running or employ a helicopter or other ways)?  If, you are on the way to the dentist‘s office and there is a traffic jam, surely you would turn back and appoit for another time.  Why is there difference between these two thins? Because of the destination.

If it is quite important for you, you will conquer it, regardless any hardship; or if yit is not so serious, you may call it a day.  Therefore, the best way to face the difficulty is to make the thing a business.