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Polyurethane insulated container from the bucket of cold beer practical idea

Faye 2015-12-09 17:53:57

Polyurethane has a variety of benefits, such materials are widely used in various industries - from furniture damping to space flight suit, from each decade of the lightest latest electronic equipment to energy-efficient refrigerator insulation isolation layer, urethane plays an irreplaceable role .

All along, polyurethanes and applications are always pursuing the evolution of technology and manufacturing, as well as consumer demand. Today, polyurethane and even in many luxury goods, including designer shoes, furniture and electrical products.

Some great ideas real cold beer from the barrel, polyurethane rigid foam is often used in a variety of insulated container. In fact, the polyurethane rigid foam as an insulation material, used in refrigerators and freezers in the most widely used, can effectively preserve the cold air inside. The idea originated in 1948, when the first application of polyurethane rigid insulation foam appears in a double beer keg.

Until today, this polyurethane products are used in refrigerators and freezers inside, at the same time to extend the shelf life of food, but also reduce energy consumption, because almost no leakage of cool air inside the machine. Meanwhile, the thermal insulation properties of this material is very good, just a little can be done, so as refrigerators and freezers inside left a larger storage space.

Polyurethane rigid foam insulation can reduce energy consumption of refrigerators and freezers, to help meet the energy standards of home appliances, for consumers to save electricity, it can be said for sustainable development and eco-design has made important contributions.

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