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Put down self-esteem

Put down self-esteem

Faye 2016-05-26 15:03:57

★ inspirational world - One today is worth two tomorrows. ★

A man nothing that was not terrible, horrible thing is that there is nothing a glass heart, so do not let your so-called self-esteem, ruin your future.

A drop of self-esteem can do things people see is the target result; however, too much emphasis on self-esteem of the people, doing things, always want someone to accompany his doing the same work, that would make him feel not so embarrassed. For those still stuck in a poverty-stricken, but very eager to stage a successful people, is too much emphasis on the "self-esteem" are undoubtedly the biggest stumbling block on the way forward.

If enough take what you get, please put down the useless self-esteem. Esteem was originally a commendatory, strict requirements for a person to own, people act properly, understand and downs. A high self-esteem of the people, in order to win the respect of others and society, the sense of hard struggle, adherence to moral standards of society, always make yourself a decent live in dignity. However, in some of the fragile and sensitive person, self-esteem has become a weapon requirements of others, face friendship than large, larger than the family, even more than the days are great.

One hundred no one with more time, the more obsession in the bottom line of those insignificant, everywhere should show their strong self-esteem. This narcissism like self-esteem, but built on a fragile ego insecurity touted. More often, self-esteem and ability requirements are inversely proportional.

For example, some graduates at home eating the old, always concerned about the people on their own and who is pointing his pocket what brand of cigarettes these issues. Person's energy is limited, and emphasize self-esteem focus on the little things, we can not do great things.

Too strong too sensitive self-esteem, in fact, comes from low self-esteem. With respect is to enhance the value obtained, please recognize the huge gap between people. Do not be such nonsense equal deceive themselves, do not go angry world unfair, do not expect other people with the same attitude towards you, and do not care about their own psychological shadow area between us.

The existence of a huge gap between people, and these gaps are there for a reason, and secondly, do not expect everyone will be eager to help you, you must also use the way you want. The ask for help when the lowered stance, do not think that everything is right and proper. A person can withstand much slander, how much Kulei Aode Zhu, how many can afford to praise.

Bear force is a prerequisite, for example, Ma there was a video on the Internet crazy pass, in 1996, the short, thin young man riding a bicycle, going door to door to sell your yellow pages, most people, even the doors do not open . He used the camera to record all the distress and helplessness, but also witnessed his promise under oath, he said: a few years, Beijing would not do this to me a few years you will know that I am doing. Twenty years later, he did it, this is a real person's self-esteem.

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