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Questioning of his heart: you really don't have the time

MAX Lin 2016-08-23 09:44:05

? You have the time in English, this question has two different meanings.The first is: "Do you know what time it is" While it is not unusual, this is used less often than the simplest question with the same meaning: " what time it is "the other meaning is" you have the time (for example, to do this or that) "this is a very commonly asked question, whether the American, British, or Australian English.If I was the Great editor excuses Encyclopedia (a book that does not exist yet), I think the answer - "I do not have time" - would win the prize for being the most used excuse year after year.After all, it's an excuse so convenient.

Think about how many times you (and I) have used this as an explanation of why we could not do something, take on a new task, help someone, visit someone, etc. We all used this excuse many times. Sometimes it's a statement of fact, and let's face it, sometimes it's just a excuse.The distinction here between a while is a statement of fact and when an apology is blurry and subjective, but, deep down, each of we have a very clear idea of ​​the difference .In practical terms, the lack of available time seems to be, and often is a valid reason why we can not have anything on. unless, of course, to make an effort to re-organize our time, within our capabilities to do so, probably making a sacrifice of some sort in the process "I just do not have time" is -. too often -. a Dodge, a cover and a cop-out once we got to a certain age when they are generally regarded as "adults", is expected to have developed a better time management skills.In many cases, "I have no time "has the same meaning as" I'm not willing to do the time. " Of course, we're all busy, but in the end is a matter of priorities: in work, work versus family, spouse or partner, friends, community, etc.

No one gives you the time. It does not grow on trees or fall from the sky like raindrops. You do the time, as most decisions related on what is important. The key is that you trust criteria. It can be cold, an opportunity making money, going out with the right crowd, or reach out to people in need.If you do not decide on the use of their time, the decision will be taken away from you. A lot of powerful magnets surround us, ready to pull our time we as loose swarf off a table top. It is really up to us to decide how to balance and manage time, and this is a challenge.Another saying in English is "take your time," which means "relax, without great haste; follow your own pace," similar to Chinese,"慢慢 come".I See a deeper meaning to this simple phrase, which is that if you do not take (control of) your time, someone will do it for you. It's a bit like a child being told to" eat your food, or someone else will. "It does not mean we should ignore unpredictable urgent demands on our time that can arise, which often collide with our ability to do other more meaningful things. But that does not mean we need to develop a clear-minded approach to prioritize and a disciplined approach to time management.

If you consider the relationship with customers, how often is the root of the dissatisfaction of a customer perception that we were too busy to pay attention to their needs? This is often a key element of customer unhappiness, and part of the reason why losing customers. If you consider friends and family relationships, as is often the root of hurt feelings the perception that "so and so" became too busy to call, visit, respond to our communications, etc.? left to the imagination and common fears of people, these feelings .. easily develop into a feeling of rejection, an erosion of trust, and eventually a breakdown in relations that is, unless you really care and we care , all you need to avoid these speed bumps - in the workplace or elsewhere - is to keep a clear focus on priorities and not be dragged into the hectic pace as we begin to ignore some of the things really important. which helps to make "I do not have time" the most common excuse of all is that. who often do not even say it out loud We simply think, and act on it;. so that the other party is wondering what the reason for our inattention is this creates uncertainty, plant the seeds of doubt, and hurt feelings.

If we find that what happened, whether at work or outside, the best antidote is to have the courage to say "I'm sorry." It will not solve the whole problem, but it helps to repair the initial damage, and sets. the stage for the current repair If you think about your friends, colleagues and business partners, it is not difficult to divide them into two categories: those rare that always time for you when you need them, and those ordinary people who in their most do not. in the long run, their loyalties will naturally gravitate to those who do. Watch the world's most common excuse, if you speak the words or just think the thought. When you look back on your life, you will be able to enjoy those occasions when you took the time than for those when you took advantage.

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